:: Planetside 2 Art | Terran Republic “the OathKeeper”

So there is this online forum I just recently signed up to…


It is an online forum that SONY runs, it is designed for 3D artists to show case their 3D work – which is geared towards specific titles that SOE is working on (Everquest 1 & 2, and PlanetSide 2).  Art directors working on mentioned titles review & critique the props, vehicles, and gear posted; then they they choose the best executed models to be uploaded into their online store.  Once these models are uploaded, they are available to the public/consumers who own the games to serve as character upgrades, and are able to purchase these models to download into their account, and equip them for their characters in-game.

Here is some progress of what I am currently working on…

This is my first prop, it is a Heavy Assault military helmet – for one of Planetside 2’s military factions Terran Republic.  I have studied their designs, and looked closely at how each of the three factions differentiate between each other.  Fun little project, and good for portfolio work.  This is good practice for me to get back into the whole 3D modeling for games.


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