:: Happy Thanksgiving 3D Special | Current WiP on current Portfolio Project

Hello everyone!

This project I begun last week, this is my progress so far.  Getting close!  Just need to finish the second texture – which will cover:

– floor

– ceiling

– extra wall mounted props that are not covered in the first 1024 x 512 texture

So yes, this hallway scene is actually inspired from an art book I own, it is in Japanese, I do not know the name of it, I will post pictures of the pages I am copying from.  I am not staying 100% true to the design.  I am changing things as I go, this project is a test for me, to see how fast I am going, with how much I have learned in the past couple of months.  I will post more details on the next post.  So just for now, enjoy this!


– green blocks are just placeHolders, will be taken off shortly –


– do not worry about the polyCount, it is much lower, I have other pieces that will bot be used set to “Hide” – also the “twin dudes” are there for scale (which also take up a lot of the unnecessary geometry –



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