Posted in September 2009

:: pkf 85 falke part 02

Here is the jet turbine.  Four 1K by 1K textures, which include Diffuse, Normals (Tangents Spaced, and Nvidia Photoshopped Plugin), and also the Specularity color, and levels.

:: gattling Cannon part 02

:: gattling Cannon part 02

Continued to work on the rail cannon for a couple of hours here.  I added more to the textures.  Gave it a dirty look, oil dripping, and running along the crevices.  Next I will work on the jet engine in the back.

:: gattlingCannon part 01

This is a gattling cannon I am working for another Maschinen Krueger models. I forgot the name of this particular model, I am guessing it is a PKf-85 Falke? 1K x 1K Diff, Spec, Norm, and AO as well.